Mid-month freelance check-in – $2276.

I mean it’s the weirdest month ever but let’s cling to our schedule to feel normal, k?

It’s the 15th, so it’s time to check in on freelancing. My current goal, generally, is $4500 a month. I upped that a bit because MIL is out of work – shooting for $4800.

There were some changes at one of the companies I work for, so I feel unsteady there…and they already have cut my projects in half. I’m supposed to start a job for them on the 17th, but I don’t want to count on them for much income…so I’m not budgeting that work for now.

Which means I need to make $4800 at my other company alone. A hundred bucks a day is doable, $150 is hard, above $150 happens occasionally but it’s kind of the worst. But these are unprecedented times.

Anyway, I’m very likely to get a $200 bonus based on sheer volume of work, so I’m hoping to hit $4600 otherwise. As of today, when the day’s work has not been started, I’m at $2276. I will certainly hit the halfway point by the end of today, so I’m right on track! Except I hate feeling like I’m right on track, I like feeling like I’m at least a day or so ahead, so. Good news but more like okay news.

The thing is, the work has slowed. Two weeks ago, when I logged on, there were dozens of jobs available, sometimes more than 50. This morning, there were five. This means both that there’s a chance there simply won’t be enough work AND that I won’t have as much of a choice when it comes to jobs, so I’ll likely have to take jobs that take longer and pay less.

The other thing is, the economy is tanking and everything is uncertain and each day that maintains my income is a good day.

So, for now, on track. It’s a relief.


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