March freelance totals: $4759.31

This feels gross and I might not publish it. I’ve published it each month, and so, I guess this is the same as always. But when people are struggling – I mean, a bartender neighbor of mine hasn’t had income in weeks. Another neighbor is getting 70% of his salary. Another friend’s husband got laid off and she’s a SAHM. Hey look at how much money I made at my second job! I’m a jerk.

But anyway, for the sake of recording how things are going, here it is. My overall goal was $4500, but that was supposed to be split across two jobs. One of my jobs, the best one, my favorite one, has sort of dried up, leaving me with the other that’s lucrative but taxing. It’s hard to make $4500 in that job alone – $100 a day is manageable, but hard. $150 a day is really tough.

So my invoice just got created, and with my $200 bonus for being somebody who is willing to basically work all the time always, my total is $4759.31.

This is insanity and I am so very very grateful. We have a lot of holes to dig out of and this helps a lot, and it helps us to stick to our goal of continuing to pay for our child care (that we aren’t using), coaches and teachers who can’t coach or teach, and takeout (although less than I had hoped, because we are sending more money to my MIL’s family). It helps us to pay down debt and build up our emergency fund (which was basically used up for estimated taxes for next year + a new lawn mower + a window air conditioner because it’s just been too long of sleeping in 80 to a billion degree heat).

It is so much money and it is gross to even talk about but here I am, talking about it, so the point is, now my task is to pay it forward as much as I can. While also (look at me, I have good boundaries!) looking out for our family. For now, I’m just glad it’s working out. Like, beyond glad. $4700 of extra money in this month when so many are worrying about groceries. Such a relief.


2 thoughts on “March freelance totals: $4759.31”

  1. That’s wonderful! Really, I am happy for you ❣️ You’ve been helping as many folks as is possible and this is just good karma coming back to ya🙂


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