Disney World step 1: check!

I’m not super great at travel hacking.

Or…maybe I am. Depending on who I’m comparing myself to. Almost nobody I know in real life has ever gotten even one free airline ticket using credit card bonuses, and back before I knew shit about shit, I got a $200 bonus for signing up for the Chase Disney card and when I would talk about that to people they were shocked. And also bored. Because this shit is booooooring. So on that level, even cash back is kind of impressive.

Anyway, if I compare myself to “everybody,” I’m a professional level genius. I’ve taken my family to Europe for free! I’m going to Disney World for free! I have plans! But if I compare myself to travel hackers, with their “use Singapore Airlines” or whatever tricks, I’m a bumbling idiot, just trying to figure it all out.

Anyway, Step 1 of “get to Disney World” is done – bonus is in the bank and even if nothing else works, $812.76 is going to be taken off of my bill for the park tickets. EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR DOING NOTHING AT ALL.

There are lots of steps left. But just as I feel every time a travel hack works, I’m astounded. Holy shit, y’all. It worked.

The next Barclaycard Arrival Plus is in the mail, and I’ve got a big reimbursable summer expense ready to put on it. Step by step by step by step.

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