Chasing down Chase bonus points

When I signed up for the Chase Sapphire card, I swear on all things holy (note: I’m not religious, so…take that for what it’s worth) that it had a typical 80,000 points bonus plus an extra 30,000 points if you spent $20K in the first year. I didn’t pay much mind to this because it seemed impossible that I would spend that much money on my credit card in a year (spoiler alert: I do). After I hit the first bonus, I called Chase to double check if that year-bonus was a thing, because I am a double checker.

Note: my memory is shit and I can’t guarantee I did that.

A few weeks ago, I logged in to check and I’ve spent enough money, but no bonus. I called Chase. They said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said, “no it’s a thing,” and they said, “we’ve never offered that.” I said, “okay but it’s a thing.” I Googled and of course you can’t find it on Chase, because they only show their current offers, but I found old blog posts from all the major credit card point sites. I was like, “listen, I know you have your ‘records,’ but I have a screen shot from a third party who I think is reliable.” They didn’t buy it.

A super reliable internet screen shot. I tried to explain to the customer service representative that the font was exactly the right font to be from Chase, but I guess that doesn’t hold up in a court of law.

I said, “I’m certain…or kind of certain…that I called several months ago to check on this. Maybe my call was recorded for quality assurance purposes?” They said they’d look into it, but they’d never offered that kind of a bonus, and if I had called in and been led astray that it was a thing when it wasn’t a thing, they’d credit me the points. I was sure that that was the end of it.

Guess what, suckers?

I am so rich in points

I’m setting this to the side for now because I’m concentrating on going to Disney World next January, but I have two sort of medium-term goals: getting my family of five to Ukraine again (Babushka Sveta isn’t getting any younger), and getting my family of five to New Zealand. Can I do both things in the next five years? Rewards are annoying and tedious and take some upkeep but good god the payoff is worth it.

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